Use ancient wisdom to become a powerful healing instrument

Ancient Healing Techniques by Douglas De Long.  288 pp. Includes illustrations.

Thousands of years ago, the High Priests of Egypt performed a special rite called a Final Initiation. Many of these secret ceremonies took place at the Great Pyramid, where initiates performed sacred rituals involving breathing, meditating, and chanting. Afterwards, the students were ready to enter the world as healers.

The author of Ancient Teachings for Beginners, Douglas De Long demonstrates how to perform this Final Initiation rite and other methods for advancing one's psychic and healing attributes. These techniques - involving energy healing, chakra work, colour, chanting, breathing - are designed to help one achieve spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.

Includes exercises for soul travel training, soul healing and past life recall.

Review:  by Lee Prosser,

What is most intriguing about this finely written work is its hands-on approach to healing. There is a discussion about ancient Egypt and their ceremonies. These ceremonies included sacred rituals which incorporated the finest techniques of chanting, breathing, and meditation. Once these techniques were mastered, the initiates were qualified to enter the world as healers.

The author details how individuals can apply the ancient world of healing techniques to contemporary times. It is an interesting reading experience.

Topics covered include soul healing, past-life recall, chakra balancing, healing with color, energy channeling, and working with spirit guides and angles. Each topic is explained clearly and fully.

For those interested in healing techniques, this is an ideal book to study.