Mysteries from the dawn of time

Ancient Teachings for Beginners by Douglas De Long. 256 pp. Includes illustrations.

In the beauty of an ancient artifact, in the majesty of a monument from a distant past, we sense the living, vibrant soul of a people who still have much to teach us today. Despite all of our technological and material gains, we long for the spiritual strength and grace that was theirs.

Ancient Teachings for Beginners reaches across the ages and uncovers the metaphysical wisdom of our venerable ancestors. But it is much more than a history lesson -- it is a practical guidebook for applying this knowledge to the development of your psychic abilities and the unfolding of our spiritual potential.

By applying the lessons and techniques in this book, you will reclaim your inner power to move freely between all worlds, and all times.

by Janis Burmeister
Creator of the Karma Kit (TM)

"Supplicants wishing admission to the Egyptian mystery schools gathered before the paws of the Sphinx where fires burned upon an alter. A priest performed the initial ceremony here under the midnight skies, letting the fires of the alter burn bright..." -From Chapter 1, "History of Mystery Schools"

For the first time in over 2000 years, you can learn the same secrets that transformed these seekers of knowledge into gifted healers, clairvoyants and prophets.

Ancient Teachings for Beginners - a course in Psychic and Spiritual Development by Douglas De Long turns you into the young initiate. This book is a detailed and intense course in psychic development. De Long guides you step-by-step through a series of exercises and experiments to unleash your full psychic potential. If you have been looking for the ideal companion to laze away the summer days, while exploring a realm of psychic development untouched for centuries, this book could be your wish come true!

Guided by spiritual helpers, De Long has put his knowledge and channelled teachings into book form. For over 20 years he has studied and developed his own psychic abilities and spiritual growth. He is a Spiritual/Personal Counselor, Past Life Therapist, and Chakra Master. This unique course, which has been taught for over five years, is available in book form.

Published for the first time in millennia, De Long explains the hidden secrets of the Ancient Mystery Schools and Healing temples of Egypt, Persia and other great past cultures. With this book you can practice the exercises from the Healing Temples of Atlantis to rid yourself of inner hurt. Ancient Teachings for Beginners shows you the exact methods to raise energy levels in your home, work and life. As well, De Long explains how to remove energy blocks within your Chakras which, left unattended, can lead to physical and emotional problems that could hamper your true spiritual path in life. In addition to explicit information, this book provides a series of easy to understand diagrams, which compliment the exercises, allowing you to become a true student of higher knowledge.

According to De Long, all of us possess some psychic ability, and using this course, you will be able to tap into your true gift. He explains, "You can become clairvoyant, clairaudient, learn to see the human aura and interpret its colours, meet and communicate with your angels and spirit guides, work as a healer using universal energy or a gifted teacher or counselor." He adds, "There has been nothing written like this in more than 2000 years... Old masters like Nostradamus and Jesus knew these ancient techniques."

The final chapter unveils a concept that will provoke thought from even the most seasoned New Age reader. Douglas De Long could prove to be one of Saskatoon's best kept secrets.