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  April 10, 2010

In this issue:

It is spring and time for another newsletter containing updates and what’s happening.  Carol and I had a great time during our two week vacation in Maui.  Whale watching was great – especially when a humpback whale breached right alongside the boat!

I was interviewed on KAOI radio station on Maui which was connected to the Coast to Coast radio show.  This was something I didn’t know at the time.  The wonderful radio host is Joel Agnew and he is quite the character.  He looks like an aging hippie which is just fine with me  He fits right in with my philosophy of life (we both love old rock music.)


What's Up?

I have decided to teach the Ancient Healing Level One class  only four times per year.  The Ancient Healing Level Two class will only be offered twice per year.  I feel it is time to cut back on this aspect of our business.  We have been teaching classes for over fifteen years now.  I want to focus on completing my third manuscript, as well as exploring other opportunities.

Carol has become busier providing Reiki sessions and teaching Reiki classes.  If anyone is interested in the Reiki Master Level class, Carol does offer financial arrangements for those who need this service.  When she teaches her classes, not only does she teach traditional Reiki, she also incorporates the Karuna and Seichem methods.  Of course, this means she works with healing angels and covers the human chakra system with all of her students. 

Many people have taken Karuna and Seichem classes as an addition to their traditional Reiki training.  Carol has always delivered her Reiki classes with all of these methods included.  It was only in the past few years that she realized all of this.

Special Announcements

I was fortunate enough to be interviewed on two radio shows at the end of February.  Bonnie Coleen, the host of Seeing Beyond Talk Radio in the San Francisco area, had me as a guest on her morning show.  The feedback from there was great.  Also, Rob McConnell of The X Zone Radio show in Hamilton, interviewed me on February 22nd.  His archived shows are available at  Feel free to check it out.  Rob always does a great job and keeps things interesting.

I have written about 120 pages of my third manuscript.  I am keeping the title under wraps right now. The subject matters are reincarnation, soul travel, and angel stories.  Some of my clients past life experiences along with my own unique experiences are talked about here.  An excerpt from the manuscript will be placed into this newsletter in the A Personal Message section.  I hope you enjoy it.

I am pleased to let everyone know that my article entitled “A Passport to Heaven” is being published in the May/June issue of Awareness Magazine in Southern California.  The magazine reader base extends to Arizona, New Mexico and Hawaii.

The Llewellyn Journal recently published another of my articles entitled “4 Ways to Heal Using Divine Energy”.  Go to and read it if you wish.  In it I mention that Mary Magdalene was a healer.  You should find it enlightening.

My publisher has also updated the book cover for Ancient Teachings for Beginners.  I think the new cover looks cool. 

And now let us move on to the next section!


A Personal Message

When you explore your past lives you never know what will happen.  Sometimes you have an expectation that you will revisit a previous embodiment as, for example, a Roman soldier.  But when you experience the event, the previous lifetime takes place at a different time period.  You might end up recalling a past life as preacher in New England in the 1800’s.  Not all past lives are serious.  Humor can be found in the exploration of some past lives.  Your higher self is involved in all of this.  It is an exciting and fascinating subject to study.

Reincarnation can answer a lot of questions.  Especially, why am I here?  What is my purpose in life?  Even physical pain can be healed through regression. With that in mind I present the following past life experience story. 

             Reincarnation Stories Pulled from the Dusty Files

     As stated,   for many years I have worked as a past-life therapist as well as a medical intuitive and spiritual teacher.  Countless individuals from many walks of life have come through my doors seeking spiritual direction, guidance and the recall of previous lifetimes.
   Through it all, many of my clients have experienced interesting, previous incarnations. These have been profound and in some situations life changing for some of them. I consider it a gift, a wonderful treasure to be a witness to these events. 

   The following story is about a client who was not only a common person previously, but a very, crude and earthy individual.  She was anything but ordinary.
   Jane, not her real name of course, came to see me for regression therapy on several occasions.  This took place over a six month period.  She was one of those special individuals that stage hypnotist seek out in a crowd; the type of person who flaps her or his arms like a chicken while up on stage.  Some of you reading this may fit into this category.  I know I do.   I always had this fear that I would end up on stage in a deep hypnotic state with the hypnotist quietly saying, “Doug, at the count of three bark like a dog.”   I have a tendency to avoid these types of social gatherings.  Go figure.

   Through deep breathing techniques Jane relaxed very quickly.  Her closed eyes started to move around – a sign of rapid eye movement or REM.  This was an indication that she was in a proper altered state of consciousness.
   Jane began talking in what sounded like an Irish accent, “I can see everything around me. Ooy.  T’is a beautiful day.”
   At this point I thought it was the proper time to ask her what she was standing on.  This is a technique I often employ to get my clients to focus on things around them.
   “What are you standing on?” I enquired.
   “I’m standing in a pile of sheet.” Jane replied.
    “Pardon me.  Please, could you repeat that.”
   “I said I am standing in a pile of sheet.  I am out by the barns.” She answered.
   “Oh.” Came my reply.
   Jane continued.  “It is a beautiful day. I think I will go to town for a pint.”
   As she kept talking it became obvious that she was a man in this lifetime. Alec was the name of the individual.  He was described as short, stocky with balding hair. 
   Alec seemed to be quite the character as he detailed his life and what he did.  He had a wild sense of humor and loved to drink. He was not adverse to chasing the ladies, although he was married.  Alec commented on this, “Variety is good for ya. Besides I’m a horny old goat”
   Jane, now Alec, continued his story.  He described the beautiful hills and trees in the late springtime.  Soon, he was walking into town and heading straight for the local pub on the main street.  It was his home away from home as he put it.
   He walked through the entrance doors and found a seat behind an old and scarred wooden table.  He described the inside of this drinking establishment to me as he kept talking.  Alec had a pint of ale followed by several others.  It wasn’t long before he was feeling the effects of the ale.
   “Ay.  I’m three sheets to the wind,” he announced.  A funny contented smile graced the face of my client as she sat there in a deep, relaxed state.
   Soon Alec got to his feet and unsteadily walked out the front door of his local pub.  He exclaimed how he felt slightly blinded by the bright sunlight as it assailed him.  He stepped off the sidewalk onto the cobblestone street in a bit of a drunken state. 
Alec looked to the right down the main street.  At the bottom was a park with a stream flowing through it.  A beautiful young woman was there bending over to examine a flower.
   The inebriated Alec bellowed, “Oooh.  What a lovely lass.  I love the way she’s bending over.” It was at this moment that he first heard and then felt something hit him and knock him down.  Briefly, Alec described the last moments of that lifetime. A beer wagon had run him over.  The wheels went over his hips crushing him.  He recalled floating above the scene.
   “I always knew the liquor and the women would be the death of me.  Damn beer wagon.” Was the last comment he made.
   My client started to stir out of her altered state.  I guided her back to the present.  Jane opened her eyes and looked about.  She smiled at me.
   I decided to ask her if she remembered everything in her past life recall.  (In some cases a person will not remember all of it.)  Her answer was yes, she had remembered it all vividly.  It was just like it happened yesterday.
   Jane explained to me that she had problems with her hips and lower back for years. In fact the discomfort plagued her and often it was debilitating.  Shortly, after this past life session she noticed that a great deal of her pain had disappeared.  The past life trauma of being run over by a beer wagon had been brought forward into this lifetime.  By recalling the scene vividly she was able to release the deeply buried pain.

Unexplained Physical Pain

   So, if you are experiencing certain pains in your body that medical science cannot find a physical reason for, perhaps you should consider exploring a past life.  It doesn’t mean you were run over by a beer wagon in the past.  The past life event might be something as simple as falling off a hill and injuring your back.
   As human beings we are complicated and wondrous.  Our minds can open up the past for us, heal the traumas, and affect our present in a positive way.  She was able to release a physical pain by recalling this previous lifetime.  I am fairly certain that Jane is not worried about being run over by beer wagons in this lifetime, either.         

Many Blessing to all of you!

Doug and Carol