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April 14, 2007
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Ancient Teachings for Beginners Level One

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  February 10, 2007

In this issue:

About three weeks ago the worst snowstorm in over fifty years hit Western Canada. As Carol and I watched the blizzard blow we found it both frightening and exciting. Afterwards, everything had a sureal look and feel to it. Vehicles completely disappeared under mounds of snow that were several feet deep.
For decades we have been warned about global warming and other future events that would befall our planet Earth. Well, it is all coming to pass as predicted.

Knowing this helps us to keep focus on what is really important in life. The petty, nonsensical and unimportant things fall away as we consider our lifes and why we are here during these times.
Some people call it the End Times. I will discuss this concept more in 'A Personal Message' section of this newsletter.

Creating Abundance
As you become more enlightened, you start to use more of your brain's potential. Literally, your intelligent quotient will increase as new areas of your brain are awakened. At the same time the power of your mind increases. (Please remember that the brain and the mind are two separate things.)
When you are more enlightened or awakened, you must be careful. Your thoughts, words and actions can manifest things to you in a very quick manner. As you think positive thoughts and speak positive words you create positive things and events in your life. The same is true in regards to negative thoughts and words. Hence the warning.
All of this is covered in the Creating Abundance Class. It feels good having more and more people interested in this unique class. Part of what is taught in the Creating Abundance Class is discussed in chapters three and four of my second book 'Ancient Healing Techniques'. Feel free to explore this.

Special Announcements
I will be interviewed on a radio show called 'You Are What You Love' on March 2nd at 3:00 EST. The show originates from Venice, Florida and the wonderful host is Vaishali (pronounced Whyshalee). It is found on the Contact Talk Radio Network. Go to or or to listen to the show. There will be a chat room setup during the radio interview, as well.
Currently, I am working on my third manuscript . It took awhile to figure out what I wanted to write about this time. Finally, it all came through. It is great to have the creative juices flowing again! I cannot discuss the manuscript in detail but I will state that part of it is on reincarnation. I will keep you posted on this. Our website will have the updated events schedule posted in the next few days. Feel free to check it out.

A Personal Message
Many people from different walks of life and different beliefs think that we are in the End Times. Many Christian fundamentalists as well as New Age proponents believe that we are in the most difficult period our world has known; the so-called End Times.
The Book of Revelations is often referred to in regards to all of this. New Age thinkers write articles and books about the end of our current times. There are many people who talk and write about the gloom and doom of our modern world. Everyone seems to think that we are at our darkest times; something that has been predicted for years. Most of it is negative and lacks hope for the future.
When you see all the wars, famine, disease and natural catastrophes befalling our society, it is hard not to believe in these doomsayers. However, I believe or rather I know that the End Times are actually a major change that will propel us into a beautiful event; a heaven on Earth.
Go to my recent article "Following a Spiritual Path in Today's World" and read my thoughts on all of this at A remembrance of my pre-birth is described in this article. I hope it will give you all some hope and encouragement in today's chaotic world.
Carol and I wish everyone all the spiritual and material blessings of life. May you follow your path and be a light for others!