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  February 14, 2009

In this issue:

Wow! Itís been almost six months since we sent out a Newsletter. I guess itís time for a new one. 2008 was a roller coaster ride for all of us. Our lonely planet was encased in a whirlwind physically, economically and spiritually.

When I watch people on television I can sense the aura about them. My third eye Ďkicks iní and I am able to perceive the colors about someone, especially the head. Barack Obama has beautiful blue colors surrounding him. Letís hope he can keep those lovely colors with the tremendous challenge he has ahead of him.


What's Up?

Carol and I went to Mexico for a week to attend a family wedding. We really enjoyed the exotic beauty of the Mayan Riviera. We have never been there before. Our visit to the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza was a lifelong dream come true for both of us.

After returning to the Frozen North aka Canada, we had to warm up for a week before we were ready to teach our classes and provide sessions again. (if anyone wants me to teach a class in Cancun, give me a call!)

Special Announcements

If you live in Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Mainland China, you can pick up my books which are now available in Traditional Chinese Characters. I ended up pinching myself to make sure it was real when I found out about this great news.

The two hour lecture series is no longer listed on our website. Weíve decided to provide the lectures in various centers by prior arrangements. Contact Carol or I at 1-866-342-0346 regarding this.


A Personal Message

We all have our fears to deal with in this event filled lifetime. Some of us have unexplained fears and unfounded phobias that plague us.

Iím no exception to the rule. I think Iíll bypass my fear of heights and go on to the main phobia. (Why nibble on tidbits when you can go straight to the main course?) Since I was a small child I have had an irrational fear of spiders, especially tarantulas. Ugly, hairy beasts! These creatures still make my skin crawl.

Watching television shows that display tarantulas are uncomfortable for me Ė I usually cover my eyes when the spider appears on the screen. I never did watch the movie ĎArachnaphobiaí for obvious reasons.

Friends find it interesting if not funny that I have this weird phobia. For me, the word funny isnít the expression I would use. Once, years ago, a friend of mine, (no longer a friend), escorted me around a pet shop. He took great pride in having me follow him around a corner where he proceeded to point to something hairy in a glass cage. An ugly tarantula, of course. He thought it was funny. Hah hah, very funny indeed!

I always wondered where this unfounded fear originated . I was pretty sure it had something to do with a past life. I asked for an answer to this situation. Sure enough, that is exactly what happened. One night while I was sleeping I had a very, lucid dream. I was a tomb robber. I was climbing into some type of ancient temple or pyramid in hopes of stealing a kingís treasures. I succeeded in creeping into the right chamber where I proceeded to fill my sack full of priceless gold and silver trinkets. It looked like it was going to be a nice haul for a nightís work of thievery. Unfortunately, that sense of satisfaction did not last. As I was crawling out I ended up trapped in a long stone passageway. Soon, countless tarantulas started to jump onto my body. Thatís how I remembered dying covered by ugly tarantulas in this confined space. I guess itís kind of funny when you look back at it now. No lifetime as a famous person.

It always good to find humor in life. Without it this wonderful world would be a dull, unhappy place. So, try to laugh at your self and enjoy your time here.

Many Blessings,