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  June 21, 2009

In this issue:

Whew! We are finally done with our move. Selling one home and buying another can be d*** stressful or very challenging, depending on your mindset at the time! Carol and I realized that were not country folk we like the city life. (No offense to all you country folk who love the great outdoors and wide open spaces.)

Im going to take a more serious slant in the section A Personal Message. Hint. It involves the Big C Cancer. I hope you will find the message uplifting and inspirational. The personal courage and strength of the individual involved certainly touched my heart and uplifted my soul.


What's Up?

Carol and I have set up our business in our lovely, new location in the City of Saskatoon, Canada. For those of you readers geographically challenged, were five hours north of Minot, North Dakota, or six hours east of Edmonton, Alberta. (Google Earth and Map Quest work great!)

We have two seasons here, cold and hot. Right now were experiencing the latter season. It feels almost like were back in Cancun.

We invite new and old clients to explore their spirituality at our new location. (Were still planning on going to Sedona and other locales in the future.)

Special Announcements

Well, Im about a quarter way through my third manuscript fifty pages and growing. The pages will contain stories about encounters with angels; some will be personal experiences. As well, many past life events recalled by several clients will be found within (For obvious reasons, the names will be changed.). Plus much more!

I wanted to offer a special Thank You to all our clients, students and friends that have helped us along our journey. Without your support and encouragement the life path would have been less rewarding and fascinating.


A Personal Message

The word cancer conjures up fear and worry in the minds of many of us. I can remember watching an announcement on a television news show way back in the late 60s or early 70s. The name of the show escapes me but it doesnt matter. On the newscast some medical doctors were proudly and confidently predicting a wonderful future. Cancer rates were going down and soon cancer would be conquered. Well, so much for that prediction.

We have all been touched by cancer in some way. I am about to share something with all of you; something that I normally do not share with everyone. I had not seen my mother in Florida for about twenty-eight years. I did re-establish a relationship with her by phone, old-fashioned letters and greeting cards and such. Of course, my mother had fought cancer for years, beginning with breast cancer and eventually bone cancer. The last time I talked with her was at Christmas time four years ago a simple one minute call was all that happened. She died in a peaceful hospice about four months later surrounded by loving members of her family. Sadly, I was not able to be there.

With my abilities I was able to see her and feel her presence when she came to visit me a few times after her soul left her body. She came to comfort me and ask for forgiveness. The ability to communicate, forgive and heal was a wonderful event for both us. (Mom comes by to visit once in awhile, to say hello and see how Im doing.)

Now, I want to tell you all about G, not her real name of course. G came to see me years ago for a session. She had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Initially, she was angry, scared and worried.

The first session was an amazing experience for both of us; G as the participant and I as the observer. This special lady was a natural energy feeler who relaxed easily and allowed the healing energy from the Creator; Universal Energy for all you Reiki practitioners, flow effortlessly through her body. In no time at all she was able to leave her physical form and soul travel up to the heavenly fields above.

It was a joy and blessing for me to watch the beautiful colors descend around her crown chakra, completely covering all of her head. Then these lights moved down through her body, working through the chakras and energy meridians. Light blues, incredible greens and vibrant whites surrounded her aura as well as filling the entire body. In seconds I watched her face change and saw her guardian angels face as an overlay staring back at me. Beauty, peace and serenity shone out.

Through the session the energy continued in this manner as G talked to angels and beings of light. Loved ones that had passed over communicated with her, too. She described a sensation of floating free like a leaf on a gentle wind. Soon, she was visiting beautiful gardens and magnificent buildings. Information, knowledge and wisdom passed on to her during this wondrous event.

Reluctantly, I guided G back into the room and her unhealthy body. (It took a bit of work in the form of soothing words and gentle encouragement to bring her back to Earth!) She opened her eyes and a sparkle was there as she declared, Wow that was great! I feel wonderful.

This amazing woman came to see me on a regular basis for her tune up sessions as we dubbed them. She also had regular Reiki sessions with Carol during this time.

G kept both of us informed as to her physical health, regular family doctor visits and appointments with an Oncologist. At one point she proudly exclaimed, I am free of cancer right now. My family doctor thinks I am in remission. Of course, we were all ecstatic about this news.

Now, I do not believe that anyone can heal an individual. There are many so called healers out there who proclaim they can heal others of their diseases. I do believe and I know that it is God, The Creator along with the individual desiring a healing, who are responsible for true healing to occur. Many healers, energy workers and others out there are merely the conduit, the channel or the instrument that is used to assist in this incredible process. I am always humble in this respect. I consider it a great privilege, an honor and a true joy to be able to be a small part in all this wonder!

For the next four or five years G remained relatively healthy, happy and productive. She was pain free through most of this period. She was a wonderful mother, wife and friend to all that were in her life. G was known as a great organizer who took care of everyone.

Sadly, her cancer returned. A tumor was now in a lymph node under the right arm pit. Her oncologist wanted to operate in order to remove the tumor. According to her, he pressured her greatly and told her she would die if she did not have the surgery.

Through all of this difficult time she remained strong, positive and kept her peace of mind something that was precious to her.

Finally, she submitted to the surgical procedure. Afterwards, G and a few members of her family stated that the oncologist had butchered her. Within weeks the cancer had spread into her bones. She was fading fast.

With grace and dignity she organized everything in her remaining days. She asked Carol and I to assist her when it was time for her to leave the confines of this planet and return to her true home in Heaven. (After all, G had been visiting Heaven on a regular basis for years.)

A day before she passed over, Carol and I went to visit her in her home at the request of her poor husband. She was lying in a comatose state with beautiful flowers placed discreetly near her deathbed. I saw a beautiful angel standing by her head smiling down upon her. Another being of light stood near her feet touching her legs. With love, both of us touched her hand and quietly said, It is alright G. You can go home now.

The next day at noon Carol heard her voice clearly saying, Its me! Im ready to go now. In a relaxed state Carol had a powerful vision of floating together with G as she ascended to the heavenly realms above.

After the funeral, which was treated as a celebration of her full life, and was partially organized by her, Gs family members came by to visit us. They all stated that Gs battle with cancer was anything but. Instead, it was a journey! This was the comment she had made several times to everyone.

Along with the spiritual gifts she had left us, there was also a physical one given to both Carol and I. It was a small, beautiful friendship ball. She asked that we display it in our home. Just prior to writing this story, I put the friendship ball up in our new home. I can see the energy around it. I will be able to look at it and feel love, peace, hope and strength.

May you all find wisdom and hope in your life.