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July 28, 2007
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  May 24, 2007

In this issue:

Well, it finally happened! The six months of winter on the Canadian Prairies came to a much needed end a short time ago. The buzz of giant mosquitoes are everywhere instead of the howl of blowing snow.
When you live in a climate that can be extreme, the arrival of springtime is a wonderful blessing. For gardeners, life myself, it allows you to feel the energy of the Earth. The power that is held within Mother Earth can be soothing, healing and replenishing to the body and the soul. Frayed nerves are relaxed, body tension drains out the bottom of your feet into the living earth.
There is a vibratory rate, a frequency that the Earth operates on. The human soul and its attached body attunes to this vibration and becomes one with it. This will be discussed more in 'A Personal Message' section of this newsletter

Thank You
Thank you to all our clients and students worldwide who have supported us by:
* purchasing Ancient Teachings for Beginners and Ancient Healing Techniques in their many languages.
* participating in the Ancient Healing Techniques- Level One, Level Two and Level Three courses, including correspondence
* using our personal services such as distance healing, phone sessions, soul travel training, energy healing sessions and past life regression therapy.
* participating in Reiki 1st, 2nd and Master classes.
We consider it a blessing to help, to touch the souls of others. There is a great joy within our hearts when we see clients and students unfold and become who they truly are meant to be.

CASS (Canadian Agricultural Skills Services)
The De Long Ancient Mystery School is registered with the Saskatchewan CASS program as a Learning Activity Provider. Eligible students may be sponsored to take Ancient Healing Techniques - Level One, Level Two, Reiki 1st , 2nd and Master Level. Contact us to find out how you may be eligible to receive training benefits.

A Special Announcements
The talented host and clairvoyant Robyn Kuhns will be interviewing me live on her TV show 'Spirit Connections', which airs on Access Communications . The date is Tuesday, May 29th at 8:00 PM MST in Regina, Saskatchwan, Canada. Robyn also has a radio show on 104.9 FM The Wolf.
Back by popular demand (sounds good doesn't it?)   Once again, I will be a guest on the popular radio show 'You Are What You Love', hosted by the fascinating and charming Vaishali (pronounced Whyshalee). Her show originates from Venice, Florida.  It is part of the CONTACT TALK RADIO NETWORK.  Go to or to listen to the show. The date is Friday, September 21st at 3:00 PM EST. 
I am still working on my third manuscript. Some people write fast and furious. Not me, I take my time. Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? Guess which one I am? 
Sometimes a match placed under the appropriate body part works to speed up the process. Don't worry I will finish it!

A Personal Message
Well, I guess it's almost time to write something of a profound nature. Hmmm, nothing yet. Nope, the mind's blank. Just give me a minute or two.
Okay. I think I've got it!
The Earth sustains us all. All things vibrate at certain frequencies. Our blessed Earth is no exemption. There is a belief among some of the mystery schools, both ancient and new that the frequency of our planet is seven hertz (hz) or cycles per second (cps). Other groups and individuals are also keenly aware of this.
You can easily tune into this energy of the planet and use it to your advantage. Of course, you can ground yourself while walking or gardening. I want to take this idea one step further.
When you are stressed, worried or upset the following exercise may help. Let yourself go to a beautiful park, a peaceful garden, or a private green space. Perhaps, you have your own backyard garden that you can sit in. 
Make yourself comfortable, making sure that some part of your body touches the ground. At the very least, let your feet embrace the earth.  Sit, stand or lie in this position for a few moments. Start focusing on your breathing. Then, do three deep breathing techniques. Ensure that each breath is held for about five seconds before being released in a slow, methodical manner. After that, return to normal breathing.
Now, focus all you energy on the earth beneath you. Concentrate on it. Let your breathing become one with the earth. After a few moments you will begin to feel that steady rythym or vibration of seven cycles per second working through you. Just enjoy this calming experience. 
Yes, the world we live in is extremely chaotic, fast-paced, and stressful. All of us on our spiritual paths need to find ways to maintain our peace, serenity and sanity. 
May you find your own Peace Profound.
Many blessings from Carol to all of you.