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  November 9, 2010

In this issue:

Here is our Fall/Winter Newsletter. It's been released a bit later than normal. Sorry for the delay. Mea culpa and all that stuff. I had to complete my third manuscript and send it to my anxious editor first! Now that my manuscript on reincarnation is a finished project, I can focus on other important matters. Don't worry. As soon as the release date and final title are arranged, I will let all of you know the details. Anyway, it was great to complete it. Whew!

In the 'A Personal Message' section I will be commenting on the human aura, it's importance, and the healing aspects associated with it. Our Fall and Winter class schedule will be available online. Please check it out.

I feel strongly that I need to thank all the new readers who have asked to join our mailing list. It's amazing how small our world has become with the internet and modern technology in our lives. People from around the world keep contacting us. I consider this a blessing. Thank you all, once again.


What's Up?

Since Carol and I are both Reiki Masters, I have started to provide Reiki sessions on a regular basis. For those of you living in another part of the world, I also provide distance healing sessions. It is wonderful to realize that time and space do not exist when you send healing energy to other people while in a very, deep altered state of consciousness. As humans, we are multi-dimensional beings that exist in both the physical and spiritual realms. We truly do have the essence of the Creator within us.

There have been a few upgrades to our web site. The following 'Special Announcements' discusses it. Enjoy your visit on our website. Oh, I almost forgot. For those of you living in the Saskatoon, Canada area, please know that the monthly meditation nights are available once again. These meditation nights will be on the first Tuesday of each month. All are welcome.

Special Announcements

I've been a busy beaver in the last six months. There were three projects that were concentrated on and ultimately completed. Along with the completion of my manuscript about reincarnation, I am excited to mention the other two.

If you go to You Tube Douglas De Long Chant, there is a ten minute video available that you can experience. The May chant I describe in my first book and that I teach in classes, is presented to you for your enjoyment. Feel free to attempt it and if you do, maybe you'll return to it a time or two.

I finally got my head around the issue of having a blog. Perhaps, I was apprehensive about it at first but now I love it and embrace it. There have been several posts since its inception. Please, check it out. You can to . My recent posting 'Reincarnation and the Master Jesus' may be of interest to you. I will be posting subjects that are of a spiritual essence on it on a regular basis.

Bonnie Coleen, the host of Seeing Beyond Talk Radio in the San Francisco area, had me as a guest on her morning show, once again. It was an enjoyable experience for me. The archived interview from October 20th can be heard at

Christmas is approaching soon. Just a reminder that we have angel road totem crystals and meditation CD's available.

Enough said. Let's move on to the next section.


A Personal Message

The human aura or energy field surrounding your body has been written about since earliest times.

Human beings are composed of a duality, being both physical and spiritual in nature: the physical being, the body, exists at a lower rate of vibration; the spiritual being, the psychic body and aura, exists in both the physical and spiritual plane at a very high vibration.  Certain individuals who possess clairvoyant abilities can observe the human aura or radiation of energy as multi-colored lights enveloping the physical body, especially the head.

This ability to read and interpret the colors of the human aura can prove to be invaluable as a preventative and diagnostic tool in the health field, an interpretive mechanism in the field of counseling and as a way to obtain an accurate insight into personal and business relationships.

In the near future, our society will start to recognize the importance of the illuminations of the human energy field and utilize the knowledge in order to help humankind.  With this in mind, I wish to tell you the following story. (This story is in my third manuscript.)

A Visit with Mary (condensed version)

Angela had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  She called me and booked an appointment for some energy healing work.  When she arrived a scarf covered her bald head.  The loss of her hair had been due to the side effects of several rounds of chemotherapy treatment.  I doubt if she was much older than her early forties.

Angela entered my office and sat down on the recliner.  Since I could see the colors of the aura about her, I started “reading” this human energy field.  The light spectrum from the sun, the chemicals within the human body, the electro-magnetic energy, the chemical secretions within, and emotions contribute to the aura of humans. 

I glanced at the top of her head to see if there was any healing energy ready to work down into her aura and physical body.  I then looked at her heart chakra and breast area. “Angela, I would like you to lift your arms up.  I want to look under the arms.  Sometimes, a person that has a cancer within the body, and is having chemotherapy treatments, will have certain colors swirling here.” Usually, the area just over the lymph nodes in the armpit will have darker, uglier lights.  I noticed on the right side in the armpit and into the right breast, an ugly grayish-green light.  It floated just over the diseased area.

As Angela put her arms back down and placed her hands loosely into her lap, she nodded and said, “Yes, that is where the cancer is.,  It’s in my right breast.”

Once I scanned Angela’s aura, chakras or energy centers and her physical body, looking for any energy blocks and negative colors, I began the energy session.  With a gentle voice I guided her into a very, deep receptive state.  At the same time, the healing colors from above descended into her crown chakra, and moved downwards into her energy field.  These beautiful colors of light blue, light green and white flowed over the top of her physical form.  These hues moved throughout each one of her chakras, especially her heart chakra or heart energy center.  Then, I was amazed as these healing lights moved into the right breast and under the arm in the armpit itself.

A peaceful smile graced Angela’s face.  In seconds, the lovely face of her guardian angel became superimposed here.  The most incredible blue eyes stared at me or rather through me.  I felt like she was looking deep into my eternal soul.  This was a profound and humbling experience for me.  The beautiful lights still danced and swirled about Angela.

Then, I asked, “Angela, tell me what you see? What is happening?”

“I’m floating through a lovely garden.  I can see and smell flowers here.  I can also hear a waterfall splashing nearby. There are spirit guides who are covered in pretty lights around me.  Someone, I think is a male, is holding my hand and walking me up some white marble steps.  I’m staring at two brilliant golden doors. The reflection from the sun is almost blinding.  My guide is pushing these large doors inwards.  He is now looking at me and beckoning for me to follow him inside.”

“I’m standing inside a courtyard of a beautiful building.  I think it is a healing temple.  There are white marble columns surrounding the area where I am.  I can smell everything and feel the warm breeze here.”

I asked, “How do you feel here?”

“I feel wonderful.  I’m at peace here.  I can feel an incredible amount of energy flowing through my body, especially into my right breast.  It tingles in this area.”  Angela had a serene look upon her face.

I was watching the light show around her.  There were lots of green, blue and white colors moving about.  Over her right breast and under the arm, a great amount of these colors swirled.  This was an indication that she was allowing true healing to occur.

“Oh!  A beautiful woman dressed in a light blue robe is walking towards me.  I know who she is.  She is Mary Magdalene, a great healer.  She has a big smile on her face.” Tears were slowly rolling down her cheeks as she stated this.

Angela continued, “ Mary is laying her hands on me.  Some beings of light are joining her now.  They are putting their hands on me.  I can feel great amounts of energy flowing through me.  I’m sure these are healing angels working on me.  All of them are concentrating on my right breast and upper arm.  A cool tingling sensation is going into there.”

 It was best to let the events continue for a few minutes.  She needed as much healing energy as possible.  I knew something special was happening.  Angela was allowing her body to be healed.  The angels, Mary Magdalene and the Divine Intelligence from above, were working together in harmony.

My client smiled and said, “Now, they’re finished.  The angels are leaving.  Mary is taking my hand and leading me to a stone bench.  We are sitting together and she is talking to me.”

“Can you tell me what she is saying to you?”  I was fascinated as I looked at her.

“Mary Magdalene is telling me that I am healed.  My breast cancer was caught in the very early stages.  She says that when you catch a disease at this stage, you have the ability to heal yourself if you believe.  I have been given the opportunity to stay here on earth for several more years.  I am to make the best of it.”

I guided Angela back and told her to focus on her body and the room.  In a few moments, the colors around her decreased and she opened her eyes.  Then, I asked her how she felt.

Her reply was, “I feel great.  I’m at peace.  I don’t feel so lost anymore.  I know I’m being looked after. I know that the cancer is gone.  I can still feel some tingling sensations in my right breast.”

Angela left after thanking me for the session.  I never heard from her again. Let us hope that she was truly healed and is alive and well.  I would like to believe that she is following a spiritual path and living her life to the fullest. 

May we all be fortunate enough to experience the wisdom and healing from spirit helpers such as Mary Magdalene.  There is a very apt passage within the Bible that comes to mind.

               “For He will give His angels charge concerning you to guard you in all your ways.”
                                                                                                               Psalms 91-11

Many Blessings to all of you.