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  November 25, 2009

In this issue:

Another year is almost at an end. The Christmas season will soon be upon us. It was never one of my favourite holidays. I do enjoy the good food and family get-togethers, though. Carol and I will be going to Maui this winter. Iíll talk about that a bit later.

We were participants at a healing expo in Saskatoon. We met countless numbers of old clients and students. Many of them told us how they appreciated my books and our help given to them for their spiritual journeys. Thank you to all for the wonderful comments. It makes us know that we are following the right path. It has been an honour and a blessing to help others.


What's Up?

Carol and I will be heading to Maui for a working vacation. We will be there from January 27th, 2010 until February 11, 2010 teaching classes and providing sessions. We will be running the Ancient Healing Techniques Level One class on January 30th and 31st followed by the Level Two class on February 6th and 7th.

We plan on enjoying the sights and the warm tropical weather on the other days. I might be doing a talk at a Borderís Bookstore there as well. Itís whale watching season there so we will be adding this to our travel plans.

Synchronicity is quite fascination. A former client of ours who lived in Saskatoon, moved to Minnesota several years ago. She finally ended up on the island of Maui. She was sitting on the beach talking to a friend. Her friend started to tell her about a book called ĎAncient Teachings for Beginnersí that she was reading. Thatís when our old client iinformed her that she knew us in Saskatoon, Canada. From there it progressed to a working vacation in beautiful Hawaii for us.

Special Announcements

I have just had a ten minute video produced that has been put onto You Tube. In the video, I do the May chant technique and meditation, and provide instructions on it. The video is imbedded on the Home Page of our website or at I hope you will check it out.

An article entitled A Passport to Heaven will be published in the January/February issue of Awareness Magazine. Awareness Magazine is out of Southern California and it also has a readership base in Sedona. I hope you take the opportunity to read the article. Their website is I was quite pleased that they accepted this article as this was a special project that I wrote about. It was quite close to my heart.

I am currently working on two manuscripts. Most people write one book at a time but not me! I was guided by angels to work on the two books which are sequels to one another. I will explain why in A Personal Message section of the Newsletter.


A Personal Message

One of the things we all strive for while on a spiritual path is Cosmic Consciousness or Divine Illumination. This event is sometimes referred to as a Ďreligious experienceí. Just recently while listening to a beautiful CD by Nakai I experienced this profound event. Suddenly, I was enraptured and felt waves of love and energy flowing through my body. Angels and guides were talking to me and passing on incredible amounts of profound information. As it continued they showed me everything I was supposed to write in the two books, how to formulate them and a great deal more of detailed instructions. After about a half hour of this I came back into a more normal state of mind. After this wondrous event, I was able to hear angels and guides talking to me easier. I was also able to see the auras around in even greater detail. It did not stop there. For several weeks afterwards, they kept supplying me with more information and words to place into the books. I am really looking forward to finishing both manuscripts. Sometimes, the knowledge and words they pass on to me comes through faster than I can remember. So, letís see what happens with it all. I will keep you all posted.

I want to talk to you all about the Second Coming. Everybody, well almost everybody, is waiting for the Second Coming to happen with the return of Jesus the Master Teacher to the planet. Guess what? Jesus did not come back into the physical nor will he. His many helpers did this time. And there are hundreds of thousands of these special individuals upon the Earth.

If the Master Teacher did decide to return to our troubled paradise what would be the result? Obviously, the religious world would be turned upside down. I doubt if he would even be accepted as the real deal. Can you imagine the scenario? Jesus does work with many of us on a higher spiritual level. This is how he works on our Earth at this time. He is one of the very highest spirit guides who assists us on this realm. I know this because he does come to me and passes on knowledge and wisdom.

Many people have come back here to touch the souls, open the hearts, and assist others with love and compassion. Just look around you and see how very true this is. Our music (some but not all), our creativity, and our literature is affecting our earthly realm in a very positive and uplifting way. There are many enlightened people on the planet. These special individuals are linked to the heavens above and bring high vibrations of energy down to Earth in order to help others. Countless souls are awakening and seeking spirituality. As more people awaken and become enlightened they use the power of their minds, work with their angels, and help to change our troubled planet for the better. This is the true Second Coming.

May you all the receive the joys and blessings of life.