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  June 1, 2014

In this issue:

Wow! I haven’t sent out a Newsletter in a long time. I am sending this one out to everyone for your reading pleasure. I have some wonderful news regarding all three of my books. Ancient Teachings for Beginners, Ancient Healing Techniques, and my newest book, Past Lives for Beginners. Read all about it in the Special Announcements section.

Check out my personal page on Facebook. Please, let me know what you think. Visit us on

In the “A Personal Message” section I will be commenting on the fascinating subject of soul or astral travel.


What's Up?

We are planning on a Lecture circuit throughout Canada and the United States. This will include book signings along with private sessions with, either, Carol or myself. Our intended destinations are Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Halifax, New York City, some centers in Tennessee, Southern Florida, Southern California, and finally, Hawaii. We will be starting this summer 2014 and into 2015. Hopefully, we will be able to manifest all of this and meet wonderful people along the way. LOL.

On the Fridays of June 13th, July 25th, August 22nd, and September 26th, I will be a guest again on the very, popular “You Are What You Love” Talk show hosted by my dear friend, the delightful Vaishali. It will be broadcast from 4 to 5 PM EST. We will be talking about many subjects such as reincarnation, NDE’s, astral travel, angel intervention and much more. All three of my books , including my newest book, Past Lives for Beginners, will be mentioned and talked about, too. I may be doing some energy healing work during the broadcast, as well.

Special Announcements

My newest release, Past Lives for Beginners is selling very, well throughout the world. It has been released in Simplified Chinese in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China. I feel honored and blessed to have a large reader and fan base there that has given me encouragement and support. As well, my other books are selling very well! Thank you to all my reading fans and clients for your wonderful support.

Many people are finding some of the techniques in Ancient Healing Techniques very helpful. The feedback has been great.

Carol will be teaching Reiki 1st Degree and Reiki 2nd Degree in Saskatoon and other centers in the near future. Again, Carol works with angels and high minded spirits when she teaches her classes and provides healing sessions. Both of us have been providing Distance Healing Sessions for clients in various places around the world. We feel blessed and humbled that we can assist others in this way.

Saskatoon, Canada is a beautiful city in the summer months. A lovely and picturesque river valley winds through the downtown area of this prairie city. Although, the city is becoming larger it still has a small town feel to it.


A Personal Message

When you soul or astral travel you can meet and work with angels, spirit guides, and other light beings. These members of the heavenly hierarchy will accompany you to many marvelous places. Some such as healers and teachers, will be waiting for you in healing temples and teaching temples of the heavenly fields. You can learn to communicate with all these beings of light.

You may even find peace of mind and contentment while visiting a beautiful garden in heaven. This can be a healing and soothing experience for many of you.  As a human soul you are a light being and a spark of the Creator or Great Spirit.
May you receive all the spiritual blessings of life.

Excerpt from Ancient Healing Technique.

Take care, Doug and Carol