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Phone number 306-668-2099

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada


Personal Services

Douglas De Long and Carol De Long offer a menu of personal services for healing and spiritual development.  

Spiritual and Personal Counselling
Past Life Regression
Phone Session
Distance Healing

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Spiritual and Personal Counselling/Soul Travel Training $150 per hour

Douglas De Long will help guide you toward your life's purpose in a two-hour private session.  Each session is customized and works to uncover the source of physical and emotional pain and develop your spiritual power.  Physical and emotional pain may be noticeably lessened.  Depending on your readiness to receive information and access your inner power, you may leave your session feeling relaxed, lighter, happier, and much more peaceful.  A stronger sense of direction may result.

During the session Douglas De Long will:

  • Read your aura and chakras

  • Work with you to release emotions that are disrupting your energy field, returning your universal energy to a positive state

  • Perform ancient healing techniques to help you overcome physical and emotional illness

If you are ready you may also receive:

  • Training in soul (astral) travel

  • A guided visit to the Akashic Hall of Records and Teaching Temples

  • A guided meeting with your Guardian Angel, Healing Angels and Spirit Guides

  • Lessons that will empower you to perform your own healing work

  • Information about previous incarnations of your soul

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Past Life Regression $150 per hour

You will be guided through your soul life to a time of significance, one that will help you understand your past and help you heal yourself in this life. 

Undergoing a past life regression may result in relief from chronic pain, emotional or physical, a change in behavior patterns from destructive to productive, and a general improvement in one's sense of well being

Session One:  An initial interview to evaluate your ability to be guided to a relaxed and deep alpha state, a requirement for full regression.  Session length - one and a half to two hours.

Session Two:  Full regression.  Session length - one and a half to two hours.

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Phone Session $150 per hour (plus long distance charges)

Spend an hour with Douglas De Long via telephone and receive the benefits of an Ancient Teachings® technique to open or enhance the power of your crown chakra.  During your session Douglas De Long will also help you open your heart chakra, guide you in meditation, and provide intuitive counseling.   Results of the session may include a feeling of peace and relaxation, renewed focus and sense of purpose, and a closer connection to the Creator.

Fees for telephone long distance calling, as charged by your provider, will also apply.  The number to call is 306-668-2099. 

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Distance Healing ● $150

Distance healing is administered through soul travel by both Douglas and Carol De Long while you are sleeping or in a deep restful state.  Results of distance healing may be a deeper sense of peace and connection to the God Source or Creator.

During the session Douglas and Carol will:

  • Visit you in your soul form

  • Read and cleanse your aura and individual chakras

  • Enlist the assistance of healing angels and spirit guides to work on both your soul form and physical body

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