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Ancient Mystery School

Develop your connection with the God Source, open and enhance your spiritual and psychic gifts.  Heighten your awareness and unleash your inner power for healing and success by uncovering and using the secrets of the ancients. 

The De Long Ancient Mystery School is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and delivers monthly courses.  From time to time courses are offered in cities throughout Western Canada.

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The De Long Ancient Mystery School delivers a variety of courses in spiritual and psychic development and Reiki for virtually every stage of your journey. 

Ancient Teachings


Ancient Teachings

Creating Abundance Class ● $150
This unique class is designed to help you manifest all the spiritual and material blessing you deserve in your life.  Tap the hidden power within your mind to create wealth and abundance in your life.  Learn the secret of working with energy to receive all that you desire and wish.  Spiritual teacher and international author, Douglas De Long will present this life changing class.

ANCIENT TEACHINGS: Ancient Healing from the Masters
Ancient Teaching© Explained ● $725

In ancient times, the human race was more attuned to nature, to the spiritual and to the psychic. For many it was a way of life.
There is a universal healing energy –life force- that exists in all of nature. It vibrates at a very high frequency where most people cannot sense it. For those who can, the energy can be brought into a human body, activating the body’s own life force and healing energy.
Long ago, students who were trained in these techniques – to see the human aura and interpret its many colors; to direct energy in themselves and others; and to develop their psychic abilities through access  to the spiritual energy – ultimately found themselves on a spiritual path. Many of them dedicated their lives to the service of others, often in a healing capacity.

Day One: A class in psychic development designed to awaken or enhance your psychic abilities. This full day of active participation will give you the confidence to continue with your spiritual and psychic journey. The books“ Ancient Teachings for Beginners” & “ Ancient Healing Techniques”  will be used as the reference tools and should  be read prior to the class.

You will receive teachings on:
- Seeing and sensing the human energy filed and the chakra system.
-  A class in chakras designed to teach you how to work effectively with the 7 major chakras to speed up the healing process and pave the way for future Kundalini work.

Day Two:  First Initiation as performed by the Ancient Mystery Schools.

  • Training to read auras and chakra centers for medical intuitive purposes.  This involves learning how to properly read the colors of the human aura, scan the chakra system and the human body, in order to discover physical, emotional and mental blocks.
  • Teach crown opening/clearing techniques in order to connect the client or student to the Creator or God source.  Before and after examples will be shown.  Hand chakra clearing techniques will be shown.
  • Chakra meditation that includes a chakra energy flow technique and a special chakra induction.  All the benefits of this exercise will be covered in detail.  The endocrine glandular system with its connection to the human chakra system, including the Death Hormone and the effects of serotonin, will be discussed in great detail.
  • Specific healing techniques will be taught, such as headache removal, lower back pain removal, and eye strengthening.
  • Healing energy will be increased in hands, thumbs and fingers through special techniques.
  • The students will learn how to use the energy flowing from the fingertips to remove blockages in the energy meridians of the body.
  • Ancient Touch Point Healing Techniques will be taught. This will allow the students to channel healing energy directly into organs and glands of the body.
  • Soul & Astral healing methods will be discussed and much more.
  • Final Initiation as performed in ancient times in the Great Pyramid

A 10 hour practicum, with a minimum of 3 people is required to qualify for the diploma.

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Classes via Skype

We are pleased to announce that many of our classes are available via Skype. This makes it easier and more convenient for you, the student who is on a continuing spiritual path, to participate and enjoy the classes. It is the next best thing to being right there in the room! Ancient Teachings, Reiki 1st Degree and Reiki 2nd Degree are now available.

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De Long Past Life Therapy Course● $2,200

Become a Past Life Therapist.

Empower others on their spiritual journeys. Guide these individuals into previous incarnations and astral travel adventures, including visits to the Akashic Records or Universal Library. Help them to meet and communicate with departed loved ones, angels and other spiritual beings from the realm above. And much more!

You will receive teachings on:

  • Chakra Flow Meditation or Induction Technique © which allows the client to enter into the proper altered state of consciousness. All the benefits of this exercise will be covered in detail. . 
  • Advanced Soul Healing and Astral Travel Therapy © methods which will allow you to help your clients on many levels – spiritual, emotional, and physical.
  • Developing the gift of using your voice in an effective manner. This is the Power of the Voice (Ancient Egypt) or the Carrier of the Voice (North American Native Indian)

Plus Much More!

Cost: $2200 Call or email Doug or Carol for more indepth information. phone: 306-668-2099

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Taught by Carol De Long, Reiki Master and Holistic Health Practitioner. 

Reiki - 1st Degree ● $200

Provides the student with instruction to work on his/herself and others. 

Reiki - 2nd Degree ● $325

Provides instruction on distance healing, spiritual and emotional healing.  Completion of Reiki - 1st Degree is a prerequisite.

Reiki  - Master ● $1,700

The advanced Reiki student is taught all aspects of the techniques necessary to work as a Reiki Master. Chakra energy work is also involved.

*Completion of Reiki 1st and 2nd Degree are prerequisites to enrolment in the Master class.   A period of at least 1 year of practice after completion of the 2nd Degree and assessment of readiness by Carol De Long are also required prior to enrolment.

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