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Carol De Long

Always instinctively drawn to lay her hands upon someone she sensed was in need of healing, Carol De Long knew she was to become a healer at a very young age .  Her instincts led her on a spiritual path and she avidly devoured any knowledge she could

find on healing. She was drawn to study Reiki, Chakras, Vibrational Toning work using her voice, as well as other healing modalities.

All this had lead her to develop her own method of healing that uses all of these modalities to some degree. Being an assistant to the ‘Angelic Realm’ in order to bring that energy through adds a very spiritual component to the healing session.

The gift of channeling Angels, Ascended Masters as well as a ‘healing guide’ is a very humbling experience. Having client’s experience other sets of hands on them helps to validate this phenomena. Carol also uses musical notes and her voice works with an ‘Angel of Sound’ who guides her. This form of healing has a strong spiritual essence as well as a deep emotional healing benefit. The physical experience is of tremendous benefit to make this an overall, all encompassing session.

Carol is a non- traditional Reiki Master who incorporates Usui, Karuna, and Seichem modalities and Chakra Master after Reiki Master.  Simply put, Carol teaches students to work with healing angels and guides, as well as chakras and the aura.

Each student develops their own abilities unique to them and become quite gifted in their chosen modalities.

Carol provides monthly classes, distance healing, and private sessions.