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Douglas De Long

Douglas De Long is a medical intuitive, spiritual teacher, counsellor, chakra master and past life therapist. He has written two books, distributed internationally, on the subjects of ancient healing, spirituality, and psychic development. Both of his books have been published in several languages including Russian, Portuguese, Czech and, most recently, Traditional Chinese Characters.

Born with the ability to see human auras, chakras, spirit guides and angels, De Long has been reading books about psychic and metaphysical subjects since he was a child. His stepfather's profession had the family on a steady move while he was growing up, and eventually his abilities started to wane from lack of use.  It wasn't until he had a near death experience at the age of nineteen that he reawakened his childhood gifts.

Through numerous life lessons and years of metaphysical studies, De Long was able to enhance his abilities and create a unique course that he has been teaching for over a decade. For nearly twenty years Doug has worked as a past life therapist and has regressed well over one thousand individuals, including students. He has been guided to put his knowledge and channelled teachings into book form in order to help human kind open up and develop their innate abilities.

He and his wife Carol De Long operate the De Long Ancient Mystery School where they teach courses in spiritual and psychic development, ancient healing techniques and Reiki.  They also deliver a menu of personal services.  Now celebrating its 20th year, the Ancient Mystery School has received students from all over the world, including Australia and mainland China.

Ancient Teachings for Beginners, De Long's first book, has gone into its'  12th printing. This book is now considered a classic in its respective genres, such as reincarnation, auras and chakras.. It has also been released in India under the title Ancient Teachings for Spiritual Growth. De Long has also written for Fate Magazine, The Llewellyn Journal, Wholife Journal, and many other magazines.

Ancient Teachings for Beginners, Ancient Healing Techniques, and Past Lives for Beginners are published by Llewellyn Worldwide.